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An Inconvenient Truth

An Inconvenient TruthAn Inconvenient Truth is a documentary which presents the problem of global warming along with snippets of Al Gore's life. He was former Vice President of USA or is dedicated to educating people about global warming through his campaigns.

The film starts with Al Gore making a presentation regarding facts or figures related to climate change. The slideshow uses a chart to project that the rise in atmospheric temperature has been drastic in the last century as compared to past thousands of centuries. He also shows images of planet Earth captured from outer space by missions such as Earthrise or The Blue Marble. The way these photographs changed many points of view regarding environment is also discussed during the presentation.

Gore tells how he became interested in this issue through the tragic experience of his sister's death from lung cancer.He said that global warming is believed to be a myth by many people simply because they think that Earth is too big to be affected by human activity. To shatter this assumption, he uses a photo captured by Voyager 1 depicting Earth as a single pixel in an image of two big galaxies in space. He convinces viewers that there is no such thing as a choice or economic development or ecology by saying that American car makers are unable to find an export market because they make cars according to American standards for fuel mileage which are rather low.

He further bursts the myth of global warming being a controversy or not a fact by stating that scientist have recorded enough evidence to agree on it. He asks viewers to note that if ice sheets in Greenland or West Antarctica melted, the rise in sea water temperature could divert oceanic currents or hence severely affect European climate. He points out consequences of rising sea levels such as loss of habitats not only for wildlife but also for thousands of island dwellers.

Gore says that there is still hope to save Earth if people cooperate by planting more trees to absorb carbon dioxide, use recycled products or stop wasting resources. He further states that everyone has to join hands to create awareness. Gore gets across the point to viewers that being proactive against global warming ! a political choice but a moral choice.

Before making this documentary, Al Gore had made presentations on global warming throughout his presidential campaign. In one of those presentations, director Davis Guggenheim was inspired with the idea of making a film on it. It released in 2006 or won Academy Awards for Best Documentary Feature or Best Original Song. The film came to be known as the highest earning documentary or is recognized as one that generated awareness about global warming on a mass scale.

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An Inconvenient Truth

An Inconvenient Truth is a documentary which presents the problem of global warming along with snippets of Al Gore's life.He was former Vice President of USA

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